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Summer Music Lessons for Holidays & Special Days online course

It’s finally here: the Summer Music Lessons for Holidays & Special Days online course! This is the final lesson group to complete the full Music Lessons for Holidays & Special Days course.

Summer Music Lessons for Holidays and Special Days online course

What’s in the Summer Music Lessons course?

You’ll find 12 music lessons fun for the summertime–each one only 15 minutes in length and perfect for elementary ages. Each lesson contains the music lesson, videos, a printable, and an online quiz that relates to the special summer holiday.

The holidays and special days included are

  • Flag Day
  • International Day of the African Child
  • Juneteenth
  • Father’s Day
  • World Day of Music
  • First Day of Summer
  • Global Beatles Day
  • Canada Day
  • Independence Day
  • National Video Game Day
  • Harry Potter’s Birthday
  • National Radio Day

Summer Music Lessons for Holidays and Special Days online course

Mostly American Holidays

Note: SUMMER Music for Holidays & Special Days is aimed mostly toward Americans since several of the holidays and special days included are uniquely American. All lessons are taken from the full course Music for Holidays & Special Days. If you already own it, you don’t need this one.

Free Preview Lesson

See the free preview lesson for the holiday of Juneteenth here.

Free 15-Minute Music Lesson for Juneteenth


Printables and Online Quizzes:

I have one student who LOVES the printables that are available for each lesson. She fills them out while listening to the music and keeps them in her music notebook. I have another student who LOVES the online quizzes. He actually gets disappointed if there are only two questions per lesson. He wants more!

Summer Music Lessons for Holidays and Special Days online course

Here’s an example of some printables that are included:

Download two Father’s Day cards that your kids can give to their dad!


Read about the holiday and listen to music with the included videos!

No need to go looking for more information to teach about the holiday or special day. Everything you need is included. The videos are embedded, so you don’t even need to leave and head to YouTube to watch them.

Summer Music Lessons for Holidays and Special Days online course

The online course site is intuitive and easy-to-use!

I love using the Teachable site for online courses. I actually use these courses with my own kids, as well as other courses I’ve purchased. It’s wonderfully easy to use!

You can show the lessons with your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, or even screen share it to a TV! The last is what I usually do with the music lessons.

Summer Music Lessons for Holidays and Special Days online course

Suggestions for How to Use the Course

There are several different ways to use this course. It can be a stand-alone music appreciation lesson that you do on the specific day of the holiday, or at any other time of the year.

You can use the lesson as part of a bigger history or cultural lessons, such as doing the Juneteenth music lesson when studying the Civil War or the Amendments of the U.S. Constitution. The Harry Potter music lesson is perfect studying movie music or the composer John Williams or a literature lesson about fantasy books. Do the Canada Day music lesson or the International Day of the African Child music lessons when doing geography lessons about those countries/continents!

Using the Course with Upper-Level Students

Even though the Summer Music Lessons course was specifically written for elementary students, many middle school and high school students will enjoy them as well! The music is great for all ages.

Other Fun Music Ideas for Summertime

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  1. Learn to sing with 10 Songs All Preschoolers Should KnowA Folk Song a Week, or Singing Made Easy
  2. Do composer study through fun cartoons with Learn Classical Music with Cartoons
  3. Have fun with percussion instruments and body percussion activities with the Percussion Printable set
  4. Learn some beginning music theory through bucket drumming and color-by-code with the Musical Fun Printable set

Bucket Drumming

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Summer Music Lessons for Holidays and Special Days online course

Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through affiliate links in this post.

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Music Lessons for Holidays and Special Days self-paced online course for elementary students. Learn about some great music associated with holidays throughout the year, plus fun days such as Star Wars Day, Dr. Seuss Day, and Talk Like a Pirate Day!